Spa & Wellness Hotel

niu restaurant & bar

At níu restaurant, we believe that your health is important to us. We founded níu restaurant & bar out of a deep love for real food, for food that is fresh, healthy, and authentic. We only use real ingredients here at níu restaurant. Fresh water fish, local, free-range lamb and farm fresh vegetables .

We strive to make each and every dish a wholesome expression of our love for food, life, and living. All of the ingredients we use here at níu are local. We stock our restaurant kitchen in much the same way that we stock our home kitchen, with daily deliveries of fresh ingredients that we select ourselves from our local producers. 

In addition to our menu items, we also offer daily specials inspired by seasonal ingredients, the weather and how we are feeling. We are always on the lookout for new sources of ideas and inspiration, so when we travel the world (which we admit, we do often) we bring back our favorite flavors and culinary discoveries.